Straightening Iron

#floor Looking for a new straightener? Check out Fashiongirl's online collection here. A straightener has become a super important tool for styling your hair! They come in different brands, colours and sizes, something for every hair type. Most straighteners on Fashiongirl have different temperature settings. It depends on your hair type which heat setting is right for you. If you have curly, thick and coarse hair, a temperature between 180°C and 230°C is most suitable. If you have thin, vulnerable or dyed hair, it is advisable to stay below 180°C.


Which Straightener Suits Your Hair?

There are different types of straighteners available at Fashiongirl, which one is best for you depends on a number of factors. How often will you use the straightener? What is your hair type? What should the straightener do to your hair? If you want to use a straightener often or daily, it is important that the plates are made of ceramic or titanium. The advantages of these materials is that the heat is well distributed through your hair, thus avoiding overheating in one place. This is therefore good for the health of your hair. Ceramic plates are gentle on your hair and generally a little cheaper.
Titanium plates are firmer but also often more expensive.
If you want to use a straightener once in a while, you can choose a different kind of plate, ceramic coating for instance. There is a chance that these plates will wear down and damage your hair. Ceramic coated straighteners are a lot cheaper than ceramic or titanium plates.

Is using a straightener bad for your hair?

No, if you use the straightener in the right way there is nothing wrong with it. Make sure your hair is really dry before you start straightening. Don't style your hair if half of it is still wet. If necessary, blow-dry your hair first. It is also wise to protect your hair with a heat protection product. Finally, it is important not to use the same straightener for years on end. Straighteners can wear out and the quality of the plates can decrease, which can damage your hair faster.

How to use a straightener

  •     Wash your hair preferably twice and use conditioner before styling
  •     Make sure your hair is dry, blow-dry it if necessary
  •     Put the top of your hair up with a clip or elastic (work layer by layer, so you don't forget any pieces)
  •     Take a tuft of hair and clamp it between the plates, as close to the scalp as possible
  •     Slowly move the straightener downwards
  •     Repeat until all strands are straight
  •     A little hairspray can help to keep the hair styled longer

TIP: Make sure not to get your hair wet or damp, this will make your hair curl again
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