Massage products

Most people know what it's like to have a stressful and busy everyday life. When you come home, you're tired and exhausted... your body feels heavy and depleted of energy, and you suffer from tension in your body and maybe even a headache. We all have enough on our plate and when we are in the bubble of everyday life, we often forget to take care of ourselves and our bodies. For this reason, Fashiongirl has put together a wide range of products that allow you to take better care of yourself, without having to pay a lot of money for professional help, which you usually have to run out for.

Wide range of massage products for home use

Our range consists of massage products that allow you to give yourself, or those you love, a relaxing and de-stressing massage at home. In fact, we've made sure that you no longer have to run out for massage treatments that cost a fortune. Our range of massage products can meet everyone's massage needs - whether you want a calm and relaxing massage, or you suffer from injuries and sore muscles that require a deep and effective massage.  

In our wide range of massage products for home use you will find everything from massage guns, massage rollers, bath brushes, massage belts / massage pads, digital electrode massage, massage gloves, anti-cellulitis vacuum therapy, massage suction cups / cupping massage, jade rollers for the face, massage oil as well as mini massage devices and massage devices for the whole body. Whatever you need, we have exactly the massage products you need to achieve an effective and relaxing massage of the neck, shoulders, back, legs and scalp at home.  

Why is massage important and are private massage products enough?

Massage is an effective solution to many of our daily physical discomforts. Receiving a massage improves blood circulation. This is important because this is the basis for transporting nutrients and oxygen into the cells of the body. Furthermore, the very same process also removes waste products from the body's cells. Massage also boosts the lymphatic system, which also plays an important role in cleansing the body of waste products. This whole process helps your body as it plays an important role in the recovery of the whole body.

Massage products for home use can make a big difference. Several of the products are designed to mimic a professional massage, so you can go a long way by purchasing one or more of these types of products
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Cupping therapy is a traditional Asian treatment that helps the blood circulation in the body and ly..
£35.00 £29.00
This Jaderulle is originally from China where it has been used for hundreds of years and is still us..
£32.00 £15.00
The KH320 Massage Gun is the perfect tool for sore muscles. It reduces muscle pain, as well as incre..
Relieve muscle pain and improve blood flow: The massage device effectively relieves tension in your ..
£33.00 £19.00
Cupping-therapy is a traditional Asian procedure that helps the blood circulation in the body and ly..
Massage Pistol / massage gun KH320 is an effective massage apparatus that treat sore muscles and ten..
Digital Massager 1088-8 is an approved multi-product which can both be used for pain relief, muscle ..
With Massage glove can easily soothe stiff and anstrengede areas of the body. The glove has a symmet..
This portable mini-massage gun has four interchangeable massagefastgørelser: cone, fork, round, flat..
Finally in Denmark - Now you can buy Beauty Lifter Vibrating T -Bar, which works rejuvenating on you..