Hair Chalk

#floorHair color chalk is a way to dye your hair for a day and the next day can have your own hair color back. This is due to the fact that with hair color chalk you can easily rinse it out again in the evening when you no longer want to have the hair color in your hair. Therefore, hair color chalk can be a good idea if you go with the idea of ​​having to dye your hair, because then you have an impression of what it looks like, and if it does not look like you had hoped, it can be quickly washed out again.

Do you absolutely love colors? Then hair chalk is just the thing for you. With chalk, you can color your hair exactly the color you want. Or the colors you want. It is only the imagination that sets the limits of how many colors and shades you want to make in your hair. Use them, for example, to make streaks in the hair or to dye your hair completely red. The good thing about crayons is that they can be washed out. So nothing happens if you regret. In addition, you can get tested on what color suits you and your hair best. With chalk, you avoid exposing your hair to unnecessary chemicals and other harmful substances.
Hair color chalk can be easily washed out of the hair again.
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