Do you dream of a curly mane, but are tired of twisting your hair for hours on rollers and then waiting an eternity? Try THE innovation in curlers: CurlFormers are easy to use and create really beautiful curls that last a long time. Girls all over the world are convinced and share their enthusiasm on YouTube. CurlFormers are available in many different styles, for short, medium and long hair and for big corkscrew curls or little curls. Take a look around and find your favourite! Our sets contain everything you need for your dream curls.

And this is how it works:

  1. pull the following hook through the curl former.
  2. Part a strand, grab it at the base with the hook and pull it through the Curlformer.
  3. The curl former rotates, now it's just a matter of waiting for the hair to dry.
  4. carefully pull off the curl former and voilà, now you can style your curls as you like!

Tip: It works best when your hair is still damp. The different colours of the curlformers indicate the direction of rotation. For a natural curl, use the different colours alternately.
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Styling Hook for Curlformers, note that the styling hook is included with in all our Curlformers pac..
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