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Hair Curlers

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Do you want natural curls in your hair without the hassle and damage? We offer a variety of hair curlers that you can use to create perfect curls that don't damage your hair. Try the popular Curlformers or some of the other curler options, including Magic Leverag Curlers, Hair Curler Foam and Hair Curler Sponge. Read more about them below. No matter what you choose, you will get perfect, natural, shiny and long lasting curls that don't damage your hair! 

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Easy, quick and saft to create good curls Perfect for creating a gorgeous curl on and hair length Tw..
£24.65 £8.46
Based on 4 reviews.
Magic Hair rollers
Based on 1 reviews.
Magic Curlers 6pcs.
Magic Hair curlers 6pcs packing. Use this sponge covered style hair curler by yourself at home, j..
Based on 2 reviews.
Magic Curlers Twisters 12pcs
magic Curlers 12 pcs make stunning Curlers in your hair...
Based on 3 reviews.
Hair Sponge curler balls 6pcs yellow
6 pcs Hair curler sponge ball yellow Edition. Create cute curls with these funky sponge curlers. ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Magic Curlers sponge 6pcs
Hair Curlers set sponge 6pcs...
Hair Sponge curler balls 6pcs red
6 pcs Hair curler sponge ball red Edition Create cute curls with these funky sponge curlers...
Fashion Spiral Hair rollers / Curlers 8 pcs
Curlformers Starter Pack Long & Extra wide - For long hair & Extra wide curls
Ideal for use on Medium to Long Hair up to 16" (40cms) long, the Long & Extra Wide Curlformers S..
Hair curler foam 3pc pack
Make beautiful long wavy curls in your hair with this amazing hair product. So easy to use and the r..
Magic curler pins - 10 pcs
Benefits of the Magic Curler twister pins: Determine the length of the curls yourself You can easi..
£5.95 £2.98
Hair Curler Kit classic - 18 pieces Hair curlers
Amazing hair curler kit, make great classic curls. The hair curler set contains a total of 18 pie..
Based on 1 reviews.
Hair Curler Kit classic - 24 pieces Velcro curlers
Amazing hair curler kit to create beautiful curls. The set consists of 24 curlers in 3 different siz..
The popular Night Hair curl set is incredibly easy to use and creates a great results. You can make ..
£5.95 £2.98
Based on 2 reviews.
6 large jumbo velcro hair curlers in yellow with a diameter of 55 mm. Benefits of the jumbo curle..
£17.85 £8.93
Styling Hook for Curlformers, note that the styling hook is included with in all our Curlformers pac..
£9.35 £4.68
£22.53 £17.00
£28.05 £21.25