Mascara is the most important thing in your makeup bag

Many women say that mascara is the one part of their makeup that they don't want to do without. And if they only have to wear one kind of makeup, they'll choose mascara too. Mascara is great for highlighting and opening up your eyes both with and without eyeshadow. It enhances your own features and makes your eyes as beautiful as possible.
If you want a simple look without too much eye shadow, start by creating a nice skin with foundation, powder and blush. Then highlight your brows, apply a firm eyeliner above and below your eyes and finish with mascara. Simple, easy and beautiful.

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We always have great mascara deals at fashiongirl. We even have several different types of mascara and probably one that suits you. Whether you want to make your lashes longer, thicker or have the mascara last all day, we have a mascara for you.

If you want to avoid putting mascara on the upper eyelid, we also have a clever Mascara Guard Protective Shield so mascara only goes on the lashes.
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