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Hair Bands & Head Bands

Hair Bands & Head Bands
At you’ll find hair bands for any occasion. Do you like leopard print, dots, diamonds or hair bands with braided hair? Then we are sure you’ll find a hair band that you’ll love at A hair brand can save your look in a few seconds.

Let your hair hang loose with a hair brand to get a cute and feminine look. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
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* Leopard Hårbøjle
* TRANSLATE THIS TEXT * Lækker bred hårbøjle med leopardprikker..
Hair band hair elastic with twisted Fake hair
Classic headband with faux hair twisted. Choose from color Black Brown Blonde ..
* Fang Hårbøjle
* TRANSLATE THIS TEXT * Fang Hårbøjle Flot hårbøjle der sikrer at dit hår bliver siddende..
* Hårbøjle Black Diamond
* TRANSLATE THIS TEXT * Flot Hårbøjle model Black Diamond  ..
* Hårbøjle hvid m/ sorte spots
* TRANSLATE THIS TEXT * Flot Hårbøjle  ..
* Spiral Hårbøjle
* TRANSLATE THIS TEXT * Spiral Hårbøjle Flot hårbøjle i spiral look der sikrer at dit hår..
BB Head Band
Classic headband in exclusive colors...
Faux head band twisted hair - many colors
The ultra popular head band with twisted hair. Choose from color Black Brown Blonde ..