Hair Band

Hair Band
At you’ll find hair bands for any occasion. Do you like leopard print, dots, diamonds or hair bands with braided hair? Then we are sure you’ll find a hair band that you’ll love at A hair brand can save your look in a few seconds.

Let your hair hang loose with a hair brand to get a cute and feminine look. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
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* Leopard Hårbøjle
* TRANSLATE THIS TEXT * Lækker bred hårbøjle med leopardprikker..
Hair band hair elastic with twisted Fake hair
Classic headband with faux hair twisted. Choose from color Black Brown Blonde ..
* Fang Hårbøjle
* TRANSLATE THIS TEXT * Fang Hårbøjle Flot hårbøjle der sikrer at dit hår bliver siddende..
* Hårbøjle Black Diamond
* TRANSLATE THIS TEXT * Flot Hårbøjle model Black Diamond  ..
* Hårbøjle hvid m/ sorte spots
* TRANSLATE THIS TEXT * Flot Hårbøjle  ..
* Spiral Hårbøjle
* TRANSLATE THIS TEXT * Spiral Hårbøjle Flot hårbøjle i spiral look der sikrer at dit hår..
BB Head Band
Classic headband in exclusive colors...
Faux head band twisted hair - many colors
The ultra popular head band with twisted hair. Choose from color Black Brown Blonde ..